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Core Values


We shall adhere to “zero mistake, zero delayin our services and will always ensure that we are doing the best possible things in our profession as insurer.

We shall enkindle a burning desire in our hearts for striving to never be anything less than excellent, not just because of competition but love of work and desire to serve as our marketing tag-line goes “We go further to serve you better”.


Our acts and deed shall always be characterized by our conformity to the highest ethical and technical standards of our profession as an insurer, exhibiting objectivity, fairness, and a courteous, conscientious, and generally business-like manner in our organization.


We shall be governed at all times, in all our dealings, transactions and decisions, with our utmost moral principle of honesty and integrity.


We shall operate in a unified direction, with singleness in the attainment of our goals and objectives, characterized by cooperation, coordinated actions, collaboration of skills and knowledge, constructive feedback, and empowerment, disregarding conflicts and differences in personality, opinion and ideas.


We will bring our services and facilities closer to our clients by providing them with highly accessible branches and service offices ready to serve their insurance needs, particularly in times of claims.