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Fire and Allied Perils

What is a Standard Fire Insurance?

It is a service rendered by the Insurance Company whereby an insured is protected against “direct loss by fire, lightning and by Explosion of gas used for domestic purposes”.

Three Basic Cover of Fire Insurance

  1. Fire – Under the fire definition contemplated in the fire policy, combustion must proceed fast enough as to produce a flame. In other words, there can be no “fire” until actual ignition or burning takes place regardless of the amount of heat involved.
  2. Lightning – The Second major peril that the fire insurance policy insures against;
    – It is the discharge of atmospheric electricity
    – It is a natural occurrence
    There need not be any evidence of fire for damages caused by above to be compensable.
  3. Explosion of gas used for domestic purposes – Covers loss or damage caused by explosion of gas used for illumination or domestic purposes in a building not forming part of any gas works.

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